they should have chosen briquette instead of ruth.... they're not gonna win with ruth lol

"Ruth is awful" "We’re not gonna win" "Brequette was so much better"

That’s all i could see on twitter after Ruth was chosen and it made me kinda mad.

Brequette is amazing, has a really great voice, the song was perfect and she was my favorite, but Ruth is also amazing. The song is not as good as Brequette’s but she’s really powerful and tbh, I like her A LOT. 

We are NEVER going to win, no matter what song or singer we send. It’s all political anyway.

what are the two songs you like? i wanna listen to them even tho i'm not spanish lol

Run by Brequette

and Dancing in the rain by Ruth Lorenzo

there are another 3 songs but they suck imo lol

lena lost :(

lena lost what

i’m confused

helena paparizou reminds me a lot of kim kardashian

“Mister, I’m feeling cold and I’m lonely
The people seem to ignore me.” — Lena - “Mr. Arrow Key” (via moon-stars-and-sun)

who did lena lost to? (ema's)

a chinese girl (i can’t remember her name sorry)

hi babe i missed you :(

aw same :( i forgot my password and it took tumblr ages to send me the email